The Science of Fiction

With Andrew Holding, I co-hosted The Science of Fiction.

The Slothful Ways of D-Bus

This talk, given at the 2011 Desktop Summit in Berlin, summarizes research conducted at Collabora to put some concrete facts and numbers to common claims that D-Bus is “slow” in some nebulous way, and introduces some new Bustle features. Here are the slides; and here is a video.

The Road to Telepathy 1.0

Available in OpenDocument or PDF format; presented at MeeGo Conference 2010. I outlined the roadmaps for the next six months or so of Telepathy development, and gave a brief introduction to libfolks, a new contact aggregation library.

Profiling and Optimizing D-Bus APIs

Available in PDF format; presented at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit in 2009. This talk introduces Bustle, and talks a bit about the D-Bus API anti-patterns it can help uncover.


I gave a lightning talk about Ikiwiki to Oxford CompSoc in 2007. It's a bit specific to CompSoc's website, and is out of date. Also, it currently doesn't render properly in WebKit browsers due to a WebKit bug. The Pandoc-ian Markdown source and trivial Makefile are also available, if you like.