Here's a Greasemonkey script I wrote. It might eat your dog. More will appear at some point.

Termite Misdirection (version 2.1)

I really hate that submitting or updating a bug on Bugzilla leaves you at post_bug.cgi or process_bug.cgi, and mashing refresh wants to resubmit. Bugzilla should really redirect itself, but here's a user script to do this ourselves.

Happily, Bugzilla 4.2 will make this script unnecessary.


i have an image of you on a shrine at the end of my bed, which I worship nightly, as a result of Termite Misdirection

My hero ! Termite Misdirection made my day, thanks a lot

Lovin' it! Good to know I'm not the only one lacking a redirect there :)

New in version 2.2

New in version 2.1

New in version 2.0