New maintainer wanted

Sojourner was a fun project, but as I no longer use an N900 I don't want to maintain it any longer. If anyone would like to take it over—perhaps as the basis for a schedule viewer for Gnome 3 on a tablet? or maybe swap in a new UI for the N900's successor?—give me a shout with your Git branch or file a merge request, and I'll hand over the keys to the project on Gitorious.


Sojourner is a conference schedule viewer for the Nokia N900, the smartphone of choice for the discerning sandal-wearer. Talks can be browsed by topic, by room or by time; your favourite events can be starred for easy browsing later on.

It currently shows the schedule for MeeGo Summit Finland 2011, having previously shown FOSDEM 2011; it's relatively easy to add more conferences. It's written in Python and uses the Hildon widget set, via a really shonky abstraction layer named Malvern.

New in 0.2.2

New in 0.2 (and 0.2.1)